Scrap Silver For Sale

Scrap silver coins can be a great area to make a few dollars. And not just the coins, any scrap silver is worth itís weight in silver. Scrap silver coins can be found in junk coins and bags of old coins. These can be purchased sometimes for great cheap prices and you are only interested in the silver content, usually around 40 to 70 percent in old coins. You should check each coin first to ensure it is not a rare or valuable one. Some times you can find very valuable coins in junk bags that may have been missed. Hey it's a rare find but one never knows.
There are other areas where you can find scrap silver. Old unused photographic paper. 40 percent of all silver is actually used in the photographic industry. Silver is used on photographic paper as part of the developing process of photographs. Silver is also used in electronics, jewelry and many other areas. It is not difficult to find scrap silver all around us.
Scrap silver coins and other scrap silver can be easily turned into money. One just needs to go to a scrap dealer, who will pay you by weight for the scrap silver less a small handling charge. One should know that sterling silver is not pure silver. It is .925 silver with .075 base metal - usually copper. The standard formula for a scrapper to buy silver is to pay .830 times the spot price of silver on the day you sell. This is, of course, slightly less than .925, but it takes into account that a certain amount of silver is lost in the refining process.
Remember that even though something is stamped silver does not make it so. Silver stamps are available for sale at any jewelry supply house. The only way silver can be tested is with a silver test kit which involves using a specific acid solution to cause a reaction on the metal beneath the surface. If the silver tests at less than .925 - for instance .800, of course the price for scrapping it will be significantly less. Always do your research before scraping metal.
Check the metal charts provided to you on this site to make sure you know the current prices. Check with your dealer and make sure he is paying you the correct price. Also, if the item you are selling is jewelry, the stones are worth virtually nothing to a scrap dealer and he will just pay you for the weight as though they were metal. If you want the stones, take them out before you scrap.